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This game is for the 7DRL challenge 2018. I've started 1 day early because the timing is really inconvenient this year :p  I am using the godot engine because this is a good excuse to learn it.

It will use a ship, instead of the traditional rogue, and it will move on rivers and lakes instead of rooms and corridors. This gives me the chance to play with a procedural terrain instead of just a procedural maze.

Aiming for a hexmap, turn based movement, other ships to hit, and some sort of trading mechanism with towns along the way.

Stretch goals:

  • crew members with skill sets
  • option to capture bigger ships
  • ranged combat with canons

Day 1: I have a map https://i.imgur.com/WYbODxa.png

Day 2: I have a player that teleports around and a camera that follows him. Struggling a bit with sparse documentation but making progress.

Day 3: Not a very productive day. Trading system works now, but that's about it.

Day 4: Spent about half my time finding (and fixing with duct tape) a bug in godot engine. Less productive than yesterday. Pirates now spawn and chase the player but there is no resolution to the combat yet. I want to play with my terrain more and it's taking too long to make everything else work >:|

Day 5: Combat system now works and reports the results in a text box. It is possible to die, complete a level, restart and quit.  Game is now "playable" but definitely not "good".  Next two things it needs are loot and a final victory condition.  In order to meet the main design idea it also needs to be possible to steal an enemy ship.  It would be more playable if there was a way to move more than one tile with a single click (even the original rogue let you do that).

Day 6: You can now capture enemy ships, or keep your own, when you are victorious in combat. You will automatically keep as much of the combined cargo as your choice of ship can hold, with the cheapest items sinking into the depths. You can hire more crew (at a cost of 1 gold per trip). You can move up to 8 tiles with a single click, although movement is interrupted by enemy action en-route. If you complete 10 zones the game ends and your total gold at that point becomes your score. An online high score table would just be showing off but it's tempting.

Day 7: Added a fairly primitive fog of war. Fixed a handful of bugs. Re-balanced pirate ship densities and loot tables. Pretty much final screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/6Q8UIzO.png

Completing the game (reaching the royal castle after 10 levels) is relatively easy. The aim is to make as much gold as possible in the process.

There are a few problems with the game. There is too much loot available from defeating pirates, so buying for trade is a poor gamble. Sometimes you can make quite a profit simply buying and selling things in the market without actually leaving town. There is no feedback for how much loot you stole in any given fight. The river network, while "realistically" lacking loops, is annoying because it doesn't contain loops and you end up backtracking a lot if you pick the wrong route. And, just generally, it is not clear precisely how to use the village GUI to buy and sell things. It's not hard, it's just not clear. But I only had seven days! And it works!

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the .exe

That's it.


RogueWave.7z 5 MB


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Heya - I recorded my experience with RogueWave as I was playing it. Really well done. 


thankyou for taking an interest

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